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featuredAs I’m sure you’ve probably noticed we’ve been going through some serious redesign work here, integrating our existing content into a new theme custom designed for us by wpcrunchy.  The new theme is designed to present more content in the top portion of the page “above the fold” and to provide several assists for easier navigation.

To introduce you to some of the new features, let’s go over the top half of the page first.  At the very top we have reformatted pull-down menus (not quite filled out, but moving fast).  These were moved up from their previous location farther down the page.  Then we have the site title, nothing new, before we get to the major innovation.

The next section is a multi-dimensional live animated feature section – or really three feature sections.

On the left, the large graphic block contains the latest featured article.  It has navigation buttons.  If you scroll to the right with the right button it takes you back through the most recent featured articles.  On each link there is a “Read More” button which takes you to the article itself.

To the right there are two more featured sections.  The top row of four graphics has our most recent featured fonts.  You can scroll them right to see past releases and each one has a pop-up “Read More” link to go to the font’s page.  The lower row of four graphics shows art and font packages.  You can also scroll through these and see links to a large number of packages and click on the “Read More” link to get all the details.

And the stylish font being used in all the headers is Folkard Caption, based on lettering by classic artist Charles Folkard. Very readable.

Explore these features and keep and eye out for detailed information on more new features coming up soon.  If you spot anything which looks strange or have any suggestions or questions about how things work, post them here.

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