Silent Film Font Collection

In our article on the fonts in the recent silent film The Artist we identified a number of our fonts which were similar in style to the period fonts in the film and historic films of that era. It seemed logical that we collect these fonts from the 1920s into a coherent package, especially since few of them are included in any of our existing font collections.

So we went looking for fonts with the particular characteristics useful for movie titles, posters and captions of the silent film era and were surprised at how many we found. It seems that a lot of our relatively recent releases fit into that category so we were able to put together quite a substantial collection, featuring 14 fonts, including Romark, Moncrief, Odeon, Valentin, Plymouth, Gaheris, Vambrace, Ganelon, Alexandrine, Cascade ,Agravain, Langdon, Langhorne and Plakat.

Samples of the fonts can be found at the end of this article. You can order the package online at a special price of just $59 from our ONLINE STORE and download it immediately.

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6 comments on “Silent Film Font Collection

  1. Leslie Newcomer

    I was interested in buying some fonts, but your website is very hard to navigate and see just what is included in a “package” and to just see samples of different types, yes, it is “pretty” but way too fussy for me to spend time trying to find stuff I want to buy, heading elsewhere

  2. Dave

    Thanks for your feedback. We’re always looking for ways to improve accessibility. We’ve got a great many products and we’re doing what we can to make access to them as easy as possible.

  3. Thanks for creating all these wonderful fonts. I am a silent film title restorer and re-creator, and need some new fonts for that purpose. I agree with Leslie — your website needs some major navigation and display improvements. Trying to determine your character sets and view what is in each collection–even trying to find the sales page for the Silent Film package–was difficult enough, but when I clicked on the main font I’m interested in, Valentine, and it took me to a “not found” page, I give up. Hope you hire a web developer to make this site user-friendly. I’ll bookmark it and check back later, or you can send me a note when it’s improved.

    You might be interested in my collaboration with Joe Rinaudo, silent film historian and restorer:

    Thank you.

  4. Dave

    The Silent Film fonts are easily accessible from the menu bar. And anything can be found with a simple product search.

    I’ll check on that broken link.


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  6. Geez, it’s like some of you didn’t even bother reading the post. Get with the program people.

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