Silent Film Font Collection

In our article on the fonts in the recent silent film The Artist we identified a number of our fonts which were similar in style to the period fonts in the film and historic films of that era. It seemed logical that we collect these fonts from the 1920s into a coherent package, especially since few of them are included in any of our existing font collections.

So we went looking for fonts with the particular characteristics useful for movie titles, posters and captions of the silent film era and were surprised at how many we found. It seems that a lot of our relatively recent releases fit into that category so we were able to put together quite a substantial collection, featuring 14 fonts, including Romark, Moncrief, Odeon, Valentin, Plymouth, Gaheris, Vambrace, Ganelon, Alexandrine, Cascade ,Agravain, Langdon, Langhorne and Plakat.

Samples of the fonts can be found at the end of this article. You can order the package online at a special price of just $59 from our ONLINE STORE and download it immediately.

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