Sighting: Wild West Fonts at Randall’s

I was in the checkout line at Randall’s today (the thinkly disguised version of Safeway we have in Austin) and was surprised to see that the recycled and reusable plastic shopping bags at the register featured several fonts from our Wild West font collection.

One way they keep the price of these eco-friendly bags low is by using them for advertising and in this case their promotion of items from their meat department and their “Ranchers Select” brand fit right in with our fonts.

They had “Top Sirloin” in and other cuts listed in Alcalde and Atkinson Egyptian. They even used a crude wood texture to produce an effect similar to our Perdido font using Alcalde.

All in all a clever and appropriate use of our western fonts, though I think they missed a bet in not including images from Texas Brands since we’re in Texas and cattle brands naturally go with beef.

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