Sighting: Rackham Fonts in Changeling RPG

Roleplaying game publishers often use our fonts and one of the regulars is White Wolf who like to use our fonts for games in their World of Darkness series. The newest release in that series is their new edition of their fairy roleplaying system Changeling: the Lost, and it features some very appealing graphic design which makes use of a number of our fonts.

The game is basically an updating of their Changeling: the Dreaming which was released a number of years ago. The original game emphasized human changelings in a fairy world derived heavily from romantic and early modern conceptions of Faerie. The new edition takes a different approach and gives a darker interpretation of the fairy world based more on traditional folklore and mythology. It also shifts the emphasis from changeling characters to playing actual fairy characters. Stylistically it has a lot in common with the fiction of Susanna Clarke who we’ve reviewed here several times. If you like roleplaying games with some rules, but more of an emphasis on storytelling than game mechanics, or if you’re just looking for fairy theme source material Changeling: the Lost is worth a look.

As far as the fonts featured in the game, the two most prominent are Rackham and Rackham Italic fonts, which are from our Arthur Rackham Fonts and Art Collection. They are based on Rackham’s hand-lettered frontispieces and they were designed to go together and do so very well. In Changeling: the Lost they are used for section headers and for sub-heads and table heads. The same fonts were used similarly in the Spiderwick books, which may have influenced the font choices made by the designers at White Wolf. Given Rackham’s influence as a fairy illustrator it’s appropriate that fonts based on his lettering should become so strongly identified with the genre.

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