Sighting: Platthand in Dr. Parnassus

It probably doesn’t mean that it will play a role in the film itself, but it was interesting to spot our Platthand font being used in the title graphic on the website for former Monty Python Terry Gilliam’s new film The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

Dr. Parnassus is a fantasy film set in a circus and is the last feature film made by the late Heath Ledger. The release date hasn’t been set, but there is a kind of ‘making of’ style teaser/trailer and the folm looks pretty interesting.

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3 comments on “Sighting: Platthand in Dr. Parnassus

  1. Moonchild

    Your link to “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus” is wrong. It should be (You left out an S.)

  2. Dave

    Thanks. All lovely and fixed now.


  3. Bongo

    Just saw the film. While there are some nice settings in Platthand, there are also some dreadful fake-small caps of a generic sans in the opening credits, and abominable typographic editing in the end credits crawl (e.g., curly and straight quotes, single and double, used indiscriminately–in one case, opening with straight and closing with curly). Wish they could have keep the same design team throughout!

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