Sighting – Joan of Arc Brie

There’s nothing more exciting than going down to the supermarket and finding a product right there on the shelf featuring one of our fonts. Even better if it’s a product that the family likes to consume and I can bring it home and show it to the wife and kids and point to the font as one I designed or had a role in developing.

Earlier this week, while on vacation, I was sent down to the local store to get some Brie for family snacks. Although the selection was limited, my eye was caught by the attractive package of Joan of Arc Brie and especially by the prominent use of our Ganelon font on the cover of the small round of the cheese.

The cheese eaters among us were happy to declare the brie to be quite palatable, so I’m glad to report that it tastes as good as it looks with Ganelon as it’s signature font. And in fact, the makers of Joan of Arc have expanded their use of the font to include a full line of other cheeses under that imprint as well. If you want to try the font, you can get it right here. If you want to try the cheese, the only online source I found is on where they have the same cheese in a large size, but sadly in the older packaging which doesn’t feature our font. However, the price is reasonable so you could buy the brie and still afford the font and put them together yourself, if you’re strangely obsessed in some way.

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