Scurlock on the Game Shelf

Scurlock has always been one of our most popular fonts for designers working in the board and roleplaying game industries and it has recently shown up in a couple of new games in your local game specialty store.

A couple of years ago Scurlock was used for the box cover and interior titles of a lavishly produced Arthurian-themed game called Shadows Over Camelot, published by Days of Wonder, which has also made good use of our fonts in some of their other games like Pirates Cove. Apparently it was popular enough – despite rather static game play – that it deserved an expansion, and so it was recently joined by Shadows Over Camelot: Merlin’s Company which adds more players, more characters (including Merlin himself) and new dimensions to the play of the game. The expansion has the same graphically appealing look as the original game, with great art and high quality components and continues the use of Scurlock all over the place.

Scurlock has also shown up recently on a new game from leading German game publisher Kosmos. It’s used for the main titles and cover of Blue Moon City which is available here in the US from Fantasy Flight Games. Blue Moon City is designed by the legendary Reiner Knizia who created Amun Ra, Medici and Tigris and Euphrates. The game is set in a fantasy city where you are trying to rebuild and restore order after a chaotic period. The components and design are impressive and the overall look is rich, but the game play is dismayingly abstract and seems almost abstract, a problem with Knizia’s games which often seem more formulaic than creative. It does showcase Scurlock nicely, though.

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