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Of all the different types of font, the one style which seems to be in constant demand is script fonts. Over the years we’ve produced a lot of different styles of script fonts, mostly based on historic calligraphy, but we’ve usually only made them available singly or as part of calligraphic bundles. In 1999 we finally put all our script fonts together into a single package, but we kept releasing more to meet demand, and now we’ve released a new, updated version with many additional fonts.

Our script fonts package has just been expanded with the inclusion of many new script fonts released in the past year. It now includes two dozen different fonts, representing many styles, from the wild, rough swashes of Queensland to the elegance of Corabael and Belphebe. Many of these fonts are from our Master Fonts collection, with an expanded character set and other features. This package is a unique opportunity to get them at a substantial discount. The whole package costs less than the Master Fonts it includes would cost singly, plus you get many additional fonts.

The new Third Edition of the Script Fonts Collection is available on CD or for delivery through email for $79. You can call to purchase the package by phone at 1-512-656-8011, or order it from our online ordering site. Just CLICK HERE

For a just one week time we are offering the package at $20 off the normal price. Just use the coupon code ELEGANT on checkout.

To get an idea of what our script fonts are like, try out the demo version of our latest one, Orphiel. It doesn’t have all of the punctuation and variant characters, but should give you a good idea of what one of our script fonts can look like on your computer.

Orphiel from a sample of Edwardian period hand lettering, mainly because we wanted to offer an alternative to our Belphebe font for invitations, menus and wedding announcements. It’s an elegant font, with nice variations in weight and capital letters which are quite ornate. Orphiel is probably the last new script font we’ll do for a while. The amount of work which goes into properly kerning a script font and making sure that the letters connect and flow properly, is just phenomenal. Orphiel demanded even more attention than most, and our collection of script fonts is now pretty much unrivalled. Click here to download the working trial version of Orphiel for either WINDOWS or MacOS. Or you can purchase this font online and get it quickly by email, including all the alternate and additional characters – BUY IT NOW


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