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While I still think it may be some sort of obscure and premature April Fool’s joke, an article called Kerning, Kerning, kerning through the years in the Washington Post presents a mildly humorous presentation of the story of a 14 year old research genius who figured out that switching from a heavier weight font to a lighter weight font for all government documents would save hundreds of millions of dollars a year in wasted ink. The author seemed to think this was a clever new discovery, but this is actually not a new idea. We figured it out back in 2008 and took a rather more aggressive approach to solving the desperate problem.

Some clever Dutch fellows at a company called SPRANQ (of all things) came up with the idea to produce an EcoFont designed to print using 20% less ink and thereby save the entire ecosystem, the world and our children’s future. But after spending about $100 to replace the cartridges in my wife’s photo-quality inkjet which gets used to print a lot of school assignments and paperwork, it occurred to me that just saving 20% may be nice symbolically, but doesn’t do enough for my bottom line.

So, since designing fonts is what I do, it was off to the drawing board to come up with a font which can save even more ink. The problem with EcoFont is that it uses a single line of relatively large white spots to reduce ink consumption. My approach was to effectively pixilate the font by changing it from solid black to a grid pattern of about half black and half white squares, rather like a half-toned lithograph. Instead of just a few large white areas, the average character has about a hundred tiny white blocks. We think that the end result should be a savings of about 40% on ink consumption with a readable font which still looks black at point sizes up to about 36 point. The font is based on our popular font, and works best when used at 9 or 10 point size. You’ll never forget the purpose of the font with the clever name InkSaver.

InkSaver is available in OpenType and TrueType format for MacOS or Windows. A single font probably isn’t going to save the world all by itself, but at least you can spend the money you save on ink on something useful – perhaps on more fun fonts. At a cost of just $18 you ought to be able to save the money to cover your purchase cost for InkSaver in a few months of constant use. Even sooner if you only buy OEM ink.

You can purchase InkSaver in our ONLINE STORE

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