Russian Folk Art and Fonts Collection

In the early 20th century, before the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, the Art Nouveau movement crept into the failing empire by way of Alphons Mucha and the Slavic Folk Art movement in Czechoslovakia. Russian artists picked up on the ideas of these movements and began producing new styles of art for a growing commercial marketplace, combining elements of traditional Russian decorative arts, subjects from Russian folklore, and ideas from the west.

The leading star of the Russian Folk Art movement was Ivan Bilibin, whose illustrations of Russian folk stories and fiction by contemporary authors like Pushkin were remarkable for their integration of traditional and modern styles. Other artists were also attracted to the movement, including many who went on to achieve fame in more respectable artistic circles, such as Leon Bakst. Many of these artists did advertising art as well as illustration, and a lot of their work was featured in the magazine World of Art, which was the showplace of the movement. Like other folk artists of the period, the work of Bilibin and his contemporaries extended beyond the limits of simple illustration, including graphic design and fascinating hand lettering styles.

rfaThe Scriptorium’s Russian Folk Art Collection includes a selection of illustrations and decorations by Ivan Bilibin and other artists, including decorative borders, emblems, headers and large-size illustrations of Russian folklore. It also features three special fonts based on the lettering of Russian artists, including Ivan Bilibin and Mikhail Vrubel, as well as a recently added set of 10 Russian language fonts. The whole collection is only $59. To order your own Russian Folk Art collection remember the stock number (AT107) and give us a call at 1-512-656-8011 or use our ONLINE ORDERING

If you want to try out one of our Russian Folk Art fonts, just download the demo version of Bilibin using the link below. The full version is in the Russian Folk Art collection.

Download the Bilibin font for Windows or MacOS

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