Roy Lichtenstein Gothic – A Comic Caption Font


As you may have noticed we’ve been putting out new fonts at a furious pace to meet an end of the year deadline. So some excellent fonts are coming at you fast and furious and we’ve got one more to go after Christmas.

The latest new font is our Lichteinstein Gothic font, based on the comic-book style caption lettering of pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein. There are several Lichtenstein font out there, but they are all very rough and don’t accurately represent the precision of his lettering or certain key aspects of his style.

Lichtenstein Gothic includes bold and regular versions of his most typical style, with a slanted upper case and a slightly bent lower case. Plus some alternate characters. Also included with the font are several half-tone textures of the type which Lichtenstein favored in his paintings. We added ‘Gothic’ to distinguish the name, because Lichtenstein’s style is basically a 20th century gothic.

The font has value beyond just imitating Lichtenstein. It works well as captions for anything and can be useful in any kind of comic book application.

You can try the DEMO version of Lichtenstein Gothic for free. You can ORDER the full version with the textures for only $24..


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