Roumonde Magasin: New Font



Roumonde Magasin is a new font in the vein of our Futuristic Fonts package. It has an interesting science fictional look, even though the design concept originates in France during the Art Deco period. It’s kind of ideal for Jules Verne inspired designs and the future tech fantasies found in magazines like Popular Mechanix in the 1930s.

Roumonde Magasin includes a full upper case character set, variant versions of the characters on the lower case, plus numbers and punctuation and international characters.  It is extensively kerned and carefully spaced and includes custom bold and italic versions.  The characters are rather wide and open for high readability.

You can try the DEMO version of Roumonde Magasin for free. The demo has a limited character set. Or you can ORDER the full version for only $29 and download it right away.

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