Ring of the Nibelungs – Folkard Illustrations

nibelungs1We’ve recently added some really great illustrated books to our collection with illustrations by Charles Folkard. These are all from the 1910s and 1920s and address fairy tale and mythological themes with some of Folkard’s best illustrations.

You may have seen some of Folkard’s other work on this site, such as our Folkard font, the Folkard Caption font and illustrations from Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare and Tales from the Brothers Grimm.

We’re gathering this Folkard material together as fast as we can to put together a complete package of Folkard fonts and art. For now we have a great set of Folkard illustrations for Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelungs to give you as a preview of things to come. But look for more soon.

If you click on any of these illustrations you can download a large print-quality copy of the image.


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