Retrofuturist Fonts

Our work on fonts from the 1920s and 1930s has focused a lot on Arts and Crafts and Art Deco fonts, but in parallel with those movements, there was a lot of innovation in more mass market design, much of it found in pulp magazines, especially pulp science fiction magazines which had a real renaissance in that period.

These pulp SF magazines had a significantly different style from pulp novels (see our Pulp Fonts Collection).  Magazines like Argosy, Amazing, Startling Stories, Planet Stories and Astounding featured art with a distinct vision of the future, which we look back on as quaint after 100 years and call Retrofuturism.

The essence of Retrofuturism in expressed in the characteristic cover art of these magazines, with their finned, cigar shaped rocket ships, anthropomorphic aliens, buxom earthgirls and square jawed heroes. They also feature title designs which partake of Art Deco design but have unique style compatible with the art style of the cover art.  They are very much the kind of fonts which would appear in the lettering on the side of a space ship from the era.

Our Retrofuturist Font Collection includes eight period fonts: Altaira, Bathysphere, Starliner, Ekberg, Treadway, Gods of Mars, Yancey and Belsize, collected together for just $59. You can order the collection from our ONLINE ORDERING SITE.

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