Letterpress Poster Design for “Fight” in Austin

Austin has a rich and diverse artistic community and the different elements of it feed on each other. The many clubs and theatres provide great opportunities for graphic designers to produce unique show posters and all around town in restaurants and coffee houses and ice cream shops there are poster walls where the work of these designers is on view advertising the show of the week.

My thespian daughter drew my attention to the poster for an upcoming play called “Fight” because she new the letterpress-style design would appeal to me. It’s really very nicely done. It has the bold contrasts and worn character forms which are typical of real letterpress printing. I don’t know if it was really printed by that method, but if it wasn’t it’s a very clever simulation, which is even better in a way. It looks very much like the classic fight posters of the 1960s and 1970s. The attention to detail is impressive. Aside from the requisite information at the top, the rest of the design is very true to the style.

If you take a close look at the fonts you’ll see similarities to a number of our letterpress-derived styles, including Letteroress Gothic, Caelian and Stampwork, all of which will be featured in our forthcoming Letterpress Fonts package. The designer of the “Fight” poster doesn’t seem to have actually used any of our fonts, but they’d fit right in.

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