Reliquary: A New Font



We recently held a contest on Facebook to pick the name for an odd new font we had in development.  A lot of people thought it had an ancient look, even though it is based on contemporary graffiti lettering. Some even suggested a resemblance to cuneiform lettering from ancient Mesopotamia.

After discarding other entries which had copyright problems and holding a second round of voting, the winning name for the font was Reliquary, contributed by Joshua Lerner, who earned a free copy of the font. The Reliquary font would certainly look right at home in a gilded inscription about the lives of the saint whose bones it protects.

Reliquary has a full set of uppercase characters, but no lower case.  It also has numbers and standard punctuation.

You can try the limited character set DEMO version of Reliquary for free to try out. You can ORDER the full version for only $24.

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