Rackham Italic in Brian Froud’s Faeries Tales

710qbpVVz9LVenerable fantasy artist Brian Froud has a new book out called Faeries Tales which, unsurprisingly, consists of illustrated stories about different kinds of faeries. It carries on the tradition set by his other books like Trolls, Faeries and The Goblins of Labyrinth providing great illustrations along with fictionalized backstories of the characters.

rackhamitalicmfIt’s a visual treat and would make a great addition to any coffee table, but for me (of course) what sets it apart is the choice to use our Rackham Italic font on the cover. Rackham Italic is a great font, the companion to our Rackham calligraphic titling font. Both are based on lettering by legendary illustrator Arthur Rackham, who is a particular inspiration to the work of Brian Froud.

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