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In the 1930s there was an explosion of popular literature in the form of pulp novels and magazines, featuring lurid covers and scandalous content in a diversity of genres from suspense to mystery to science fiction to westerns. Pulp novel covers had a distinctive style and that included the use of characteristic lettering styles, and we’ve developed a special collection of fonts which capture the key elements of pulp style.

sundownThe fonts include Area of Suspicion which is based on the lettering used on novels by John D. MacDonald, Shayne from the covers of the Mike Shayne detective novels, Big Show a classic western font, Startling Stories from the magazine of the same name, Dahlgren which is a quintessential science fiction style, plus Highball and Ripley and Stonehouse which are excellent for secondary headings and titles.

assigmentThe fonts included in the package are typical of pulp cover design in the 1940s and 1950s and make excellent fonts for retro poster designs, book covers and other uses.

The Pulp Fonts Package is $59 but for a limited time you can ORDER IT ONLINE.

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3 comments on “Pulp Fonts

  1. maudecat

    One of the reasons I am reluctant to buy your fonts (I have bought some before, but usually buy from other vendors) is your website makes it so very hard to see what I’m getting. Instead of all the flashy examples, why not give each font a decent character set map? I feel like I have to wade through way too much sales material to get any info of use. Less sales pitch, more useful info please!

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