Austin Poster Scene

poster5poster4Austin is a great center for the arts, not only music and film and other performing arts, but visual arts and all sorts of crafts. All these events and shows have to be advertised and the traditional method of getting the word out is through posters distributed all over town wherever people gather.

I like to go around town collecting these posters, or at least photos of them, to provide an occasional look at the Austin poster scene. It’s not to make you jealous, its just to show some neat images and creative use of fonts and art to stir up the imagination.

My current gleanings seem to mostly be advertising art shows and multimedia, which is an interesting change from the endless show posters. Not that there weren’t some of those too, but these were more interesting.  They all have something to offer: the composition of the Color of Noise poster, the hand lettering in the Kay Odyssey poster, the artful backdrop of the Megafauna post, the neat fonts in the Co-Eds poster, and I just like the word-painting look of the Cock poster.


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