Poster: National Day of the American Cowboy

In a moment of pure serendipity I went down to our local feed store to get scratch for our chickens and discovered that they had changed their Sunday hours and I was out of luck, but stapled to the wall was the charming poster you can see to the right. Since the event was over, I couldn’t resist taking the poster and adding it to my collection.

It’s a poster promoting the National Day of the American Cowboy a nationwide event recognizing cowboy heritage, with associated events all over the country. It’s the seventh in a series of posters from the Hatch Show Print Company, many of which can be mailordered from Hatch for $15 each. It’s classic letterpress work, with all the quirks and character that entails, including a great cowboy woodcut and outstanding use of classic western style fonts . Of the past designs I think this is one of the best, though not as striking as the standout 2008 poster.

It’s a very appealing addition to my collection and I think it’s just a little bit better because I found it in its natural habitat rather than ordering it. It’s also inspiration to plunge on with my own letterpress printing projects.

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