Percy Jackson: The Lighning Thief

Featuring the Windlass Font

A few months ago we noted that our Windlass font was being used for the titles on the long-running series of Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan. Now the first movie based on the book series is premiering (February 12th) and the main title is very nicely done with Windlass and featuring some nice customization including a flaming trident in place of the Y. The title graphic appears in both of the currently available previews and I hope that it is also being used in the movie itself.

The movie itself looks like a lot of fun, with very impressive special effects and an excellent cast including Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman, Sean Bean and Kevin McKidd. The concept of the books is that the ancient Greeg gods were real and survive undercover in the modern world and that their modern offspring have inherited some of their powers. Jackson and his demigod friends have to fight various mythological foes to figure out who stole the power of Zeus’ lightning bolt. The books were written for teens, but the movie looks so good that it should appeal to a broader audience. The film is directed by Chris Columbus who has had hits and misses, but usually does a decent job with this sort of material as he did with the first two Harry Potter films.

So check out the film when it opens next month, and don’t forget to check out the recently updated and expanded Windlass font as well. It now has an expanded character set, more variant characters and a full lowercase character set.

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