Paul Woodroffe – Songs from Shakespeare

frontispieceIn the early 20th century there was a real boom in the market for high end books with a corresponding increase in the work of contemporary illustrators. The most famous artist to emerge in this period was Arthur Rackham, but he was joined by many others like William Russell Flint, Eleanor Brickdale and Frank Brangwyn, some of whom were incredibly talented in their own right.

One standout among these illustrators was Paul Woodroffe, an English artist who also worked in stained glass. He started out illustrating fairy tales and moved on to works on Roman History and was particularly known for his illustrations of Shakespeare.

We previously produced a collection of his illustrations for “The Tempest” which can be purchased for just $12 HERE. Now we are offering a collection of his illustrations for “Songs from the Plays of Shakespeare,” a popular collection of musical excerpts from the plays.

These include fully illustrated pages, cleaned up and easily usable borders from the illustated pages, and marginalia. The whole set is only $12 and can be purchased in our online store and downloaded immediately.

Selected samples of the illustrations are shown below.

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