Oriental Fonts Collection

Over the years we’ve designed fonts on just about every theme, and one which we’ve come back to now and again is fonts which capture the spirit of the Far East. The orient offers rich source materials with cultures where calligraphy was valued as an art, not just a means of communication. . We’ve developed enough of these fonts now that they’re worth putting together into a special collection.

The new Oriental Fonts Collection inlcudes five original fonts. While they don’t have true oriental language characters in them, they are designed to give the look of the Far East to text written in the Latin alphabet for western readers. Cipango and Asphodel are based on advertising and packaging lettering from the early 20th century of the sort you would find on products imported from the east. Suchow is a very traditional font which creates western characters from brush strokes similar to those in Chinese calligraphy. Yoshitoshi has the look of Japanese brush strokes derived from the work of legendary illustrator Yoshi Toshi. Katisha is a fanciful, almost gothic interpretation of oriental lettering with ornate and decorative characters.

The package includes all 5 fonts together at a much lower price than if you were to buy them separately. You can get the whole set for $39 and save more than $40. Even better, you can order online and take delivery by immediate download in our ONLINE STORE..

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