On the Shelves: Captain Kidd and Folkard

It seems like it’s always the young adult section of the bookstore where I find our fonts being used. This time what caught my eye first was a book by Berke Breathed who started his cartooning career at the Daily Texan here in Austin and went on to national fame with Bloom County. His new illustrated novelette is Flawed Dogs, It features our Captain Kidd font prominently for the cover and interior titles. It’s the first time I’ve seen Captain Kidd in use on a book that wasn’t about pirates, but it looks good even out of its element. Sadly they just used the basic version rather than the fancier and newer version with the full lower case character set.

Also among the new releases in the youth section was Ptolemy’s Gate the latest entry in the Bartimaeus fantasy trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. It features a very attractive cover design with the title done in our Folkard font. Folkard has overtaken Kelmscott and Abaddon as our most widely used font, featured in Disney’s Fairies, World of Warcraft in the movie Lady of the Lake, on the manga book Princess Ai and lots of other places.

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