Now Delivering Fonts on Custom Flash Drives

kingghidoraThe Compact Disc has had its day and the world is moving on. It had a pretty good run in computer years, remaining relevant for well over a decade. But now its day is done. Apple stopped making laptops with CD drives a couple of years ago and most Windows computer makers are following along behind the trendsetter as they usually do.

Our business is software delivery and more and more that means an instant download for maximum consumer convenience. But not everyone is comfortable without a physical copy of their software and not everyone has enough bandwidth to download the hundreds of megabytes in some of our packages. Fonts aren’t usually much of a problem. They’re very compact, but image packages are monsters.

So when the CDR/W drive on our oldest Mac gave up the ghost, a new solution was called for. You can see the answer to this dilemma artfully being modeled by the legendary King Ghidora.  It’s a 2gb, custom imprinted flash drive which we can load any of our products onto for convenient delivery through the mails.

It means a slight surcharge on mail orders, but for more compact, durable and up to date media it’s well worth it. A download is still the cheapest and most efficient way to get products, but if you need delivery by mail we have an option for you.

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