Nightmare – A Pulp Novel Cover Font



Another of our final fonts to wrap up 2017 is the Nightmare font, based on the cover lettering for the pulp paperback version of the 1946 novel Methinks the Lady by Guy Endore (Samuel Goldstein) which was published under the title Nightmare and later made into the movie Whirlpool by Otto Preminger in 1950. Endore specialized in sophisticated, Freudian, psychological horror and was very successful in Hollywood until he was blacklisted in the 1950s. The book and movie are notable for the plot device of having the main character commit crimes while she is under hypnotic compulsion. The original cover is shown at the bottom of this article..

There is no demo version of Nightmare. It has two versions of the character set in different positions with variant characters so they can be nested and used in variation. You can ORDER the full version online for only $24.

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