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Steampunk Fonts and Textures

One of our most interesting recent releases is our Steampunk Fonts and Texture collection. It’s a new set of fonts, many of which are new or in no previous collection, plus more than 20 original high-resolution metallic textures. It’s everything you need to create unique graphics with a grungy, retrograde, victorian low-tech look characteristic of the Steampunk movement. If you aren’t familiar with steampunk literature and steampunk style, take a look at our recent overview article

It’s a world of gears and sprockets, brass and leather and rust and polished woods. It’s making a mark in fashion, industrial design and in graphic design, and if you want to bring the look to life in your designs this package has everything you need.

The font set includes a combination of art, decorative initial and display fonts with an edgy art nouveau and victorian looks and specialized features. One of the key new fonts is the Gears font which is a brand new font created specially for this package which features more than 60 different gear silhouettes based on clockwork and old machinery ready to be combined with textures to create a great retro-mechanical look. Another key new font is the Jules Verne title font, a heavy-weight title font which combines the look of wrought iron with elements of gears and clockwork. Continuing the mechanical theme are the Clockwork and Gearhead fonts which combine period lettering with gears and clockwork to create stylish decorative initials. The Draughtwork font goes to back to the drawing board to give you initials with the look of a mechanical blueprint on graph paper. Belgravia, Boetia and Blackthorn are recent font releases which are in no other package and represent a very stylized element of the Art Nouveau movement which is perfect for this theme. Linthicum is another classic period font which fits the theme very well and also fills the need for a compatible text font. Our classic Goodfellow font is included because it fits so well and was featured on the cover of the James Blaylock’s recent steampunk short story collection The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives. Finally, the collection is rounded out to 12 fonts with the mystical and arcane looking fonts Necromantic and Mephisto which fit the the element of mysticism found in much steampunk literature. Plus Mephisto would look great on the side of a clockwork submarine or airship.

If you want to download a sample font from the package, try our our Jules Verne font. In addition to the fonts the collection includes a great selection of new and original textures (shown to the graphic below the font samples to the right). There are more than 20 of them and they include samples of pure and oxidized and extremely deteriorated metals, including silver, gold, copper, bronze and iron in various states and with different sorts of finishes. Combine them with the fonts as we’ve done in the title graphic here (which uses Verne and Gears) and you get an amazing look. If you want to try a sample texture, try downloading the Heavy Rust texture.

All of this is collected together at a price of oly $59, but for for a short time while the package is still a brand new release we’re discounting the price to only $49. You can order the Arts & Crafts font and art package directly for delivery on CD by phone from 1-512-656-8011, or you can purchase the package online – just – CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Click on any font below to view a larger sample.


8 Responses to “Steampunk Fonts and Textures”

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  3. Christian on October 28th, 2009


    I considered the Jule Verne font for my game. However, the demo does not include numbers, which i would need since the game counts your points..

    Does the full version of the font include numbers?

  4. Dave on October 28th, 2009

    The numbers look exactly as you would expect the numbers to look, matching the main character set. The nature of a demo is that it can’t include everything otherwise, where is the incentive to buy? But if you want samples of the numbers, email me and I’ll send you a full character sample.


  5. Zenergetic on January 6th, 2010

    Do you sell these fonts individually? I’d rather not have to buy the whole thing.

    From the top, I’m interested in #1 and #6

  6. Alexa Row on September 1st, 2010

    The next to last one down is the same font of Nightmare before Christmas =/ Kind of pathetic you’d be making people pay for this pack.

  7. Dave on September 1st, 2010

    OMG yuu’re right. It IS the font from Nightmare Before Christmas. This would be because they used the font in Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton’s design team paid for it and now you can too. Duh.


  8. Marsh on September 18th, 2010

    Dave, these are great! On my wish list for sure!! Don’t you love members of the Internet Know-Nothings Party who just have to harass others?! Oh well, ignore ‘em. Again, good job!

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