New Font: Vyones

On a recent journey to an obscure and near-forgotten French province, I found myself wandering in the storied Forest of Averoigne, just a few miles outside of walled and towered Vyones, near the banks of the sleepy River Isoile. In the dappled late-afternoon light lancing through the branches of ancient trees I spied a mouldering and mossy tomb of mortised caelian stone, carved with mysterious unclad figures of men and women and beasts and monstrous demi-humans cavorting in unnatural congress, performing unholy and unwholesome rituals, accompanied by this distrurbing inscription carved in a floriate style:

“O Vers! Noirs Compagnons
Sans Oreille et Sans Yeux,
Voyez Venir a Vous un
Mort Libre et Joyeux.”

Out came my sketchbook while light remained and I traced the worn, embellished letters. Months later, upon my return to more mundane realms I took out my sketches and set to work upon a font which preserved the character of the carven letters and their vine and flower decorations in an antique style suitable for printing morbid verses and whimsical epitaphs, and in memorial of that journey to that distant land I named the font Vyones.

Vyones includes a full upper and lower case character set plus many alternative character forms and international characters. The uppercase characters are all embellished with bits of vines and flowers and there are additional special characters on the various parentheses and brackets to add more extensive floral embellishements to words.

You can download and try a demo version of Vyones, in TrueType format for Mac or PC. You can also order the full version of Big Show online for immediate download: BUY IT NOW.

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