New Font: Valentin

Valentin is an Art Nouveau font with an eccentric, stylized look. It has the same fixed-weight characteristics as Ganelon and Gaheris, but the character forms are dramatically different. It’s clean and clear and very readable, very much the kind of lettering you’d have seen on 1920s vaudeville playbills. The graphic with the letter sample to the right isn’t part of the font, but seemed to fit stylistically. It’s a bit of decorative marginalia from a book illustrated by Clara Peck which is just full of Arthurian theme illustrations and decorative motifs which are going to be included in our forthcoming Arthurian Fonts and Art package. You can try out the free demo version of Valentin for either MacOS or Windows. It features just the characters of the standard set. The full combined version of Valentin is available on our Ordering Site.

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