New Font: Plymouth

As you may have noticed we’ve been doing fonts off and on for several years based on the hand lettering of early 20th century sign-painter Frank Atkinson. Past fonts based on his lettering include Atkinson Eccenteric, Atkinson Boomtown and Atkinson Egyptian – all striking examples of period lettering which are memorable and useful. Now we add to that collection our new Atkinson Plymouth.

Plymouth is reminiscent of the very popular Cooper font which originates in that same period of the 1920s. Yet Atkinson’s take on the idea of a very bold font with rounded serifs is unique and quite a bit more attractive than Cooper, preserving more of the look of a traditional serif font and avoiding much of the “balloony” character of Cooper which is too exaggerated and unattractively soft looking. Plymouth is just as bold, but it’s sharper and cleaner and has more character. In developing our Plymouth font we’ve preserved some of the quirks of the hand lettered version, while cleaning up the outlines and regularizing character shapes and sizes. The result is a very appealing bold poster font and a great substitute for Cooper.

You can download and try the demo version of Plymouth, in TrueType format for Mac or PC. You can also order the full version of Plymouth online for immediate download: BUY IT NOW.

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