Nostromo Font

Nostromo is based on a sample of early 1900s period advertising lettering with a particularly dramatic personality and a look which really grabs the eye. The font includes all uppercase characters, with some variants, plus the unique feature that if you use the underline key it puts top and bottom rails connecting the characters before and after, creating a very striking effect. The font is playful but at the same time seems almost menacing. Ultimately it might find a place in our Steampunk collection. The name of the font is taken from the title of Joseph Conrad’s novel of the same name. The style of the font resonates with the name and it would have looked very appropriate on the cover of an early edition of the novel, had we made it 120 years earlier.

You can try the DEMO version of Nostromo for free with a limited character set. Or you can ORDER the full version for only $24 online and download it right away. The full version features Postscript, TrueType and OpenType files.


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