New Font: Moncrief

In working on graphic design projects I’ve been repeatedly frustrated by the lack of interesting medium-weight script fonts which are simple enough to be readable, but not too plain to be interesting. So with the latest project which needed a font like that – a relatively simple t-shirt design – I decided it was time to fill that need once an for all. I started with some samples of early 20th century calligraphy by J. M. Bergling and developed a full character set and customized the weighting and some of the character forms to make it work as a font and the end result is really very satisfactory. The Moncrief font looks somewhat calligraphic, but it’s not too flourished and has a heavy enough weight to stand out among bold title fonts. There are some fun quirks like an extended “s” and a very neat swashed “Q” to give it unique character, but it’s as functional as it is stylish.

You can download and try the demo version of Moncrief, in TrueType format for Mac or PC. You can also order the full version of San Lorenzo online for immediate download: BUY IT NOW.

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