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Our original Folkard font has achieved near legendary status as one of the most interesting calligraphic title fonts of the contemporary era.  It has been enormously popular and appeared on movie titles, book covers, t-shirts and games.  However it is not the only style of lettering which early 20th century illustrator Charles Folkard used.  Folkard frequently presented his images in decorative borders with hand lettered captions or quotations incorporated in the image.  For those captions he used a much simpler, cleaner style of lettering which we have now recreated as the Folkard Caption font.

The letters are in a very simple, clean sans-serif style created with simple stroked and a uniform width to all lines. It is about as un-calligraphic as you can get with a hand drawn alphabet, but it is remarkably clear and easy to read even at small sizes. The font includes only uppercase characters, exactly as Folkard used it, plus some special ornaments. It is based on samples of the lettering used in The Land of Nursery Rhyme by Alice Daglish and Ernest Rhys.

The demo version of the font can be downloaded for free. If you like it, you can download the full version with bothe completeth character set from our ONLINE STORE for just $24.

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