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When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to buy comic books, so when I began to earn some money of my own as a young teen, I hit that market right at the peak of the 1970s boom in alternative large-format comics which were much more salacious – with more gore and sex – than the comics I would have read as a kid. I went straight into the world of Eerie, Creepy and – particularly significant for a teenage boy – Vampirella. The barely-clothed, bloodsucking alien princess from the planet Drakulon was campy but impossible for the adolescent mind to resist.

As a tribute to those days of alternative comics I’ve designed a font based o the original title lettering or Vampirella. To those familiar with the classic comic the particular style may be unexpected. You see, during it’s run Vampirella had two different cover title designs. Our font is based on the original title design as shown in the image of the cover of issue one to the right. That style was replaced at the end of the first year of publication with more exaggerated lettering.

For our font we stuck with the original lettering, preserving the characteristic outlining in the titles and upper and lower case versions of the character set with different relative positioning to allow for the overlay effect in the titles. The font is named Drakulon after Vampirella’s home planet.




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