New Font: Bergling

Bergling came in second in our poll to pick our next new font, only a few votes behind the winner. So it seemed like a good candidate for our next new font. Unfortunately, like Ormandine it is also a complex font with outlined characters, one of the most challenging kinds of designs to render as vector outlines and make into a font. Outline font designs demand great attention to detail and exact proportions. Though the work is time consuming and frustrating the results can be worth it.

Bergling is a floriate script with the look of overlapping vines. It makes excellent decorative initials or titles. It originates with hand lettered samples by noted paleographer J. M. Bergling and has a look which is reminiscent of engraved brass lettering of the 17th century, though Bergling assigns the style a later origin. Nonetheless, the look is interesting and it was worth the extra time it took to develop. Bergling includes both the outline and a solid version of the font.

You can download and try the demo version of Bergling in TrueType format for Mac or PC. It includes a mix of characters from the different variants of the font. You can also order the full version online for immediate download: BUY IT NOW.

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