New Font: Aylward

I seem to still be operating in the mode of fonts based on Victorian era advertising cuts, and Aylward fits in that tradition, based on several variants of the same style of wood type. Aylward is a bold display face with exaggerated serifs and some unusual features like the really unique design of the “A” and the spiral forms on the “S” and “G” characters. Aylward offers a trule unique and antique look but is very readable and striking without being too heavy or overly ornate.
It also includes not just a single style, but also a variant with spurs on the ascenders and curves of the characters. Because this is a display face it has no proper lowercase, so the standard font includes the spurred characters on the uppercase and the plain characters as the lowercase. As a bonus there is also a custom outline version of the font which can be bought separately or is included packaged with the main font, so it’s like getting three fonts in one.

You can download and try the demo version of Aylward in TrueType format for Mac or PC. It includes a mix of characters from the different variants of the font. You can also order the full version online for immediate download: BUY IT NOW.

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