New Font: Aventine

It’s a very political year so we’re releasing a political poster font, Aventine. From time to time we’ve been asked to work on some political designs for local campaigns. One offshoot of that is that we have developed some poster font designs specifically tailored to the needs of campaign posters, and as we did with Texas Star back in 2002, we’re making one of those designs available in our general catalog. Aventine is a very clean, very bold, modern-looking font. It’s designed to look like the kind of sans serif fonts you see on political posters all the time, but with a few twists which may be hard to notice by themselves, but which add up to just a tiny bit more of an art deco look than you’d normally expect in a straightforward poster font. If you wonder where the name comes from, it was inspired by the excellent HBO series Rome where, in the final season, the main character entered into a political career with his power base as a captain in the merchant district of Rome called The Aventine. You can try out the free demo version of Aventine for either MacOS or Windows. The full font is available on our Ordering Site.

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