New Font: Atkinson Egyptian

We’ve done several fonts based on lettering from early 20th century sign designer Frank Atkinson, including Atkinson Eccenteric and Plowright. Along the way we also developed a font based on one of Atkinson’s lettering samples which he called Atkinson Egyptian, despite the fact that the only relationship it has to what most people call ‘egyptian’ type or lettering is that it originated in the same time period when discoveries in Egypt were influencing font designers.

Atkinson Egyptian is a very plain font, but it has a pleasant appearance and nicely balanced character shapes. One of the main reasons we developed it from the lettering samples we had, was to use as a basis for developing specialty fonts and it has already been used for the base character forms for the Texas Star font. It’s attractive and functional. It’s kind of a utility font — something you need to have around even if it’s not terribly exciting — but it’s full of potential and adaptable to many purposes.

Atkinson Egyptian has a full character set with capitals and lowercase letters, plus numbers and punctuation. You can download and try out the free demo version of Atkinson Egyptian (will work on Mac or PC). If you like it you can buy the complete character set with all the extra features from our Ordering Site.

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