New Font and Art Sampler

Our previous font and art sampler has been a pretty popular item for people wanting to check out our offerings for the first time at a low price. It’s now been a couple of years since we released it, so it seemed like time to offer a new sampler put together on the same model.

The 2008 Scriptorium Sampler includes a selection of representative fonts and art. It has includes a set of fonts in their full-release versions and a set of demo versions of recent font releases. The three full fonts included in the package are Aventine, Burnham, Turkey Day and Freebooter. The demo fonts included are Groningen, Gwionbach, Imprimato, Damariscotta, Marfield and Berenicia.

The sampler also includes two art mini-packages. The first is a collection of mermaid images from artists like Pyle, Dulac, Burne-Jones and Pogany. It even includes a couple of sea-themed borders. The second is a collection of images of Arthurian Knights by Howard Pyle which is part of our forthcoming Arthurian Fonts and Art package.

And of course, the best thing about the sampler is that you get all of this for only $9.95. To order the sampler just go to our Online Ordering Section.

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