Amphitryon Font

The ancient Greek legend of Amphitryon is little known today but is one of the most often dramatized subjects on the stage, as tragedies and comedies from Sophocles to Moliere to Cole Porter, in about 30 different plays and musicals. A set of nameless hand lettering samples by Lewis Day in our archives seemed particularly appropriate for a playbill or poster, with a bit of a classical look and a hint of romance, light and airy like Dryden’s song from his version of Amphitryon:

AIR Iris I love, and hourly I die,
But not for a lip, nor a languishing eye:
She’s fickle and false, and there we agree,
For I am as false and as fickle as she.
We neither believe what either can say;
And, neither believing, we neither betray.
‘Tis civil to swear, and say things of course;
We mean not the taking for better or worse.
When present, we love; when absent, agree:
I think not of Iris, nor Iris of me.
The legend of love no couple can find,
So easy to part, or so equally join’d.

Stylistically Amphitryon is a fine lined artist’s pen lettering font, reminiscent of some of the other artist’s lettering fonts we’ve done like Sylphide and Sprite and it fits in the general category of Art Nouveaufonts. It features a complete character set with upper and lower case, symbols and numbers.

You can download and try the demo version of Amphitryon in TrueType format for Mac or PC. The full version of the font is available from our ordering site.

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