New Font: Aerobrush

I was playing around with some paint at our chicken coop and realized I had an opportunity to do some hands-on design work for a brush-style font, so I did a set of sample brush strokes on a piece of the recycled coroplast which covers the sides of the coop. Those samples were the perfect starting point for designing a new brush script font. I took digital photos of the brush strokes, simplified them in black and white and imported them into a font design program where I converted them to outlines. Starting with the base letter forms of our Airship font I then added the brush stroke samples to the characters in natural locations and the result is the Aerobrush font which looks remarkably like it was painted with a house-painter’s brush. Kind of an ideal font for the signs at the entrance to a summer camp in a horror movie. It even includes a full set of alternate characters for some of the variation you’d expect in a hand painted sign.

You can try the DEMO version of Aerobrush for free by registering. Or you can ORDER the full version for only $24 online and download it right away.




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4 comments on “New Font: Aerobrush

  1. Both the demo links are broken – the one in the text goes to Gloriana rather than this one, and the large “Try Demo” link is a 404.

  2. Dave

    Fixed it a few hours after the email went out. Some bad typos were on the rampage.

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