New Celtic Legacy Package

flontlistOur first two Celtic themed packages were so popular that we kept producing new Celtic themed fonts and inevitably they eventually became the nucleus of a new collection, the Celtic Legacy Collection. Like our other packages (Celtic Vision & Celtic Fantasy) it contains 8 original fonts and collected art from various sources, focusing on Celtic initials and decoration.

The Celts produced exceptional hand-decorated books and works of calligraphy and perfected forms of Celtic Uncial calligraphy which preserved sophisticated writing techniques so that they could be reintroduced to Europe at the time of Charlemagne, leading to a reawakening of writing and literature. This package represents that legacy.

The eight fonts in this package include decorative initials and calligraphic fonts from the Celtic tradition, including many based on uncial calligraphy from Irish and Anglo-Saxon manuscripts of the early middle ages.

In addition the package has a collection of graphics of Celtic initials and borders from Owen Jones and F. Delamotte.

All of this is included with a license for your use for only $59 and you can order it online from our ONLINE STORE.

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