National Day of the American Cowboy Poster from Hatch

ndac9I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped in to our local feed store when I discovered the latest poster for the National Day of the Cowboy on display by the front door. I missed it for the last couple of years, but it was through the 2010 National Day of the Cowboy poster, encountered at the same feed store, that I first discovered the world of Hatch Show Prints which in turn really spiked my interest in designing fonts based on Letterpress styles.

This year’s poster is cleaner and simpler than some of the previous designs, but I think that adds to its effectiveness. I’m hoping to get a copy for myself, either ordered from the Hatch Show Prints website or from another source.

kctThe National Day of the American Cowboy is sponsored by American Cowboy magazine, so while I was in the feed store I leafed through some issues of that magazine and also the companion magazine Cowboy Legends. It was in this later magazine that I fortuitously encountered a creative use of our Tuscarora font in a full-page ad for the Kansas Cattle Towns organization, which also uses the font extensively on their website. It’s an interesting kind of organization designed to promote tourism to a group of historical railhead cattle towns in Kansas, including some famous ones like Abilene and Dodge City and several which are less well known. Their site also features our Vaquero font.

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