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We’ve spent a lot of time designing elegant and decorative fonts, but along the way we’ve also paid some attention to the less than fancy, specialized needs of computer users. One of the results of this is our selection of monospaced fonts, which includes something for just about every need.

Monospaced fonts are different from most fonts used in day to day word processing because they are designed with every character, both upper and lower case having exactly the same width. Most fonts are proportionally spaced, where each character takes up an amount of space appropriate to its shape. Monospaced fonts are non-proportional, with special adjustments to letter forms to make them more readable, but still uniform in spacing.

Our collection currently includes 7 different monospaced fonts. If you need a font for tables, screen displays, printing spreadsheets or any other job that requires the qualities of a monospaced font, you’re likely to find soemthing here that does the job for you.

Onuava is one of our most recent monospaced fonts, designed to be part of our Web Fonts package. It is specifically customized for screen display, with strong lines and character forms which are more open and easier to read. It is available as a single font for $24 and includes a full international character set.

Cincinnatus is one of our most successful monospaced font designs. It is unique in being a monospaced font with serifs which actually looks like a real font. Unlike most monospaced fonts Cincinnatus has a certain amount of elegance, while still being evenly spaced. It’s an excellent alternative to crude looking fonts like Courier. Cincinnatus is in our Master Fonts series and is available as a single font for $24. It includes a full international character set.

Vidilex is our simplest and cleanest monospaced font. It is completely without serifs and very regular in shape. It doesn’t look as refined as some of the other designs, but it is perfect if you want something minimalistic. Vidilex has been extraordinarily popular and as a result of customer requests we’ve developed many variant versions of the font, all of which are now included in this package. Vidilex is in our Master Fonts series and is also available singly for $24. It includes a full international character set.

Midilex is specifically designed for the needs of those who are printing spreadsheets or other text in a condensed form and need to be able to fit 132 characters in a line. Its basic design is derived from Onuava and Vidilex, but it is set at a width which maximizes the use of page space. Midilex is available as a single font for $24.

Regula is a compromise between Onuava and Midilex. It is denser, darker and narrower than either, with many of the same characteristics designed to enhance readability. It works very well on screen when you want somewhat denser text. Regula is available as a single font for $24.

Angelus is a more fanciful approach to a monospaced font. It was designed specifically for monospaced titles and has a futuristic, artificial look, very different from most monospaced fonts. Angelus is part of our Master Fonts series and is also available singly for $24. It has a full international character set.

People kept asking us if we had Courier or something very much like it, and while we tried to steer them towards Cincinnatus, apparently the typeset look of it scared them, or they needed a font much closer to Courier for technical papers or movie scripts, so we finally relented. Noticing that newer versions of Courier tended to be so thin as to be almost unreadable, and often had bizarrely diminutive serifs which reduced readability we decided to develop an entirely new font in the Courier tradition with clearer serifs and a heavier weight to increase readability. The result is Fontcraft Courier, which has become one of our most popular fonts. It’s still Courier, it’s still ugly, but it tries hard.

We did Gotegrim on a lark when we noticed that our Ranegund font was almost perfectly regularly spaced just because of the constraints of the Merovingian courthand style of calligraphy. Gotegrim isn’t going to work for most practical applications, and it’s not the most readable font at small sizes, but it does space out evenly, is extremely narrow, and looks sort of neat. Perhaps better suited to entertainment than practicality. Gotegrim is available singly for $24.

You can order each of these fonts individually by phone, mail or online (several of the newer fonts are not yet available online), or you can order Angelus, Vidilex and Cincinnatus together in a special Master Fonts package for $39. As a special offer, you can get all of the fonts on this page together plus a number of variations of the most popular fonts for $79, which is probably the best monospaced fonts deal you’ll see this year and a savings of almost $50 compared to buying the fonts individually..

To order by phone call 1-512-656-8011. The special discounted package is only available by phone. To order by mail click on the ordering info button to the left. To order online go to: ONLINE ORDERING

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