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Our Master Fonts are the cream of our font collection.  These fonts were specially selected for their popularity, visual appeal and general utility and put through additional development to make them state of the art expert fonts suitable for any professional publishing use. Added features of Master Fonts include: expanded character sets with foreign language characters for most European languages, including Old and Middle English, hundreds of additional kerning pairs for a more coherent appearance and customized bold and italic styles.

Our first Master Fonts package features three type styles based on late 19th century designs which were influenced by Gothic calligraphy filtered through the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements. Kelmscott is based on William Morris’ classic Troy type design. Joyeuse is based on an English font of the same period which was clearly influenced by Morris. Rousseau is derived from a slightly later French design which shows many of the same influences.

This package features a selection of our best formal gothic calligraphy fonts, based on historical lettering from the later Middle Ages. This is the kind of lettering sometimes called ‘Black Letter’ from which traditional German type of the 19th century is descended. While the styles are related, they are distinctly different, especially the capital letters.  Theodoric is the most formal and traditional, while Franconian and Burgundian are more idiosyncratic.

This package features a selection of our best uncial calligraphy fonts, based on historical calligraphy from the early Middle Ages. Durrow is a classic Irish uncial style, while Constance and Gallia are more characteristic of continental styles. Uncial calligraphy did not differentiate between capital and small letter forms, so these fonts feature large and small capitals, although Constance instead has signficantly different letter forms for each character.

This package includes a selection of unusual Art Nouveau period fonts, ideal for titling and decorative uses. Eglantine is a very bold, jaunty style. Bruges is an angular style suitable to some text uses as well as titles. Goodfellow is one of our most popular fonts, based on the same 19th century design from which the titles in the popular movie Nightmare Before Christmas were also derived. These fonts are great for decorative uses and designing titles
and cards.

We’ve always had a lot of demand for our antique text fonts, so we’ve put three of the best into the Master Fonts series. These styles are based on samples of 18th and early 19th century type, and preserve many of the quirks of wood-cut and early metal text fonts. Boswell is the most unusual, featuring a whole range of alternate character forms including many broken and degenerated characters. Ruffian and Octavian are more typical of how antique type was intended to look, but they retain a lot of the character and irregularity which makes them unique.

To complement the rough hewn fonts of our first antique text fonts package, we’ve added a special collection of more refined, more elegant Classic Text Fonts, based on some of the most noble fonts of the 18th and 19th century, including Nicholas Cochin’s Antiqua and William Morris’ Golden type. These fonts are among the most attractive and versatile we’ve produced and will make any publication look more elegant. Like all our Master Fonts they include expanded character sets for many languages.

The standard type styles which we use for text today originated in the calligraphic and inscriptory styles of ancient Rome. These three type styles are based on later Roman calligraphy styles and preserve the characteristics which we find in many modern text fonts. Benevento is based on Lombardic calligraphy and is excellent for titles or text. Publius is a Roman proto-uncial style which is the ancestor of modern sans-serif fonts, and Cicero is a version of the classic rustic style of calligraphy which is the ancestor of modern serif faces.

Monospaced fonts are a key requirement for any computer user, as well as essential for a variety of business and scientific uses. We got bored with traditional monospaced fonts like Courier so we decided to offer some alternatives. Angelus is a stylish sans-serif font for monospaced titling. Vidilex is a high-legibility sans-serif monospaced text font. Cincinnatus is a monospaced serif font, but it has the weighting of a true text font for better eye appeal than most monospaced fonts.

This is the first of three packages of fonts designed for use in invitations, formal stationary, menus, programs and other uses which require a stylish and ornate calligraphic look. These particular fonts are based on early script type, and preserve some of the unique characteristics of type from that period, along with calligraphic elements which make them quite stylish. Castiglione originates in late humanist calligraphy and is great for wedding invitations. Iphegenia and Engrossing are based on early type and have an unexpected flowing style.

These script fonts are more formal and are perfect for wedding invitations and similar uses. They are based on late 19th century source material, and have ornate embellishments and decoration which really catch the eye when printed on a first class paper. Talleyrand has a very calligraphic look, but Vivat and Engrossing are more flowing and more traditional in style. These fonts work particularly well for menus and for invitations. Like all our Master Fonts they include an extended character set for many languages.

Our Flowing Script Fonts collection is a special collection of particularly elegant, flowing script fonts ideal for use on wedding invitations, formal programs and menus. Belphebe is a particularly useful font, based on a classic 19th century engravers design. Belphebe has been very popular for wedding invitations and other uses where an engraver-style font is needed. Like our other Master Fonts these include an extended character set, as well as special variant characters for some of the upper case letters.

All Master Fonts are available for Macintosh and PC-compatible computers. Fonts are available for $29 each – all three weights included with both Postscript and TrueType. Alternatively they can be bought in the packages shown above at $69 for each set of 3. We are also offering a new complete Master Fonts package for only $399 (a more than $400 savings). It includes all of our Master Fonts, including the very latest releases.

All of our Master Fonts are available for direct purchase online with delivery through email. To order online and download fonts CLICK HERE

Periodically we will put a new demo version of one of our Master Fonts here so you can download it and test it out. The current demo is Stuttgart Gothic from our new Gothic Calligraphy Fonts MasterFonts package. The demos are in PKZip and StuffIt archives and do not include all of the special and extended characters. When you actually buy the font you get all the different versions including Postscript files.

Download Stuttgart shareware for Windows in PKZip archive.

Download Stuttgart shareware for MacOS in Stuffit archive.

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