Make Your Font Contest – Deadline Extended

Although judging has begun on the Make Your Font Contest and we do have a number of promising entries, we’ve decided to extend the deadline for entries until the 7th of September while we process the initial entries and prepare them for judging.  So if you wanted to take part, but missed the deadline, you have an additional week to get your entry in.

The Make Your Font Contest is a chance for people with great ideas but no font design experience to see their design turned into an original font.  You draw your font and we digitize the winning entries. We will take submissions of hand drawn or computer rendered fonts in three categories. The designers of the winning entries will receive a Scriptorium gift certificate as a prize and their designs will be made into a font which will they will get a copy of and which will be added to our product line. Winners will also receive a royalty on any future sales of their font. The three categories are:

  • Calligraphic – Entries should be complete alphabets hand lettered with a pen with the look of traditional or free form calligraphy.
  • Constructed – Entries should be complete aphabets drawn or constructed, either physically or digitally.
  • Ornaments – Entries should be sets of at least 26 original ornamental glyphs with a common theme.

The Make Your Font Contest is open to anyone who wants to enter who is 18 years or older and agrees to some simple rules which will be available in complete form when the contest starts.  We will be taking entries starting on August 15th and ending on August 29th.  One winner will be picked in each category.  All entries must be original designs, submitted in JPG format of sufficiently high resolution to render good outlines.  For more information see the contest rules and guidelines (PDF).  Questions and submissions can be emailed to:

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