Louis Rhead Floral Borders

At the start of the previous century the Louis Rhead and his brothers (George and Frederick) were leading figures in the American Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movement, particularly Louis. He was heavily influenced by William Morris and the Pre-Raphaelites and is best known for his unique book design in large folio works like his Pilgrim’s Progress and Idylls of the King and for his work in magazine advertising of the period of the early 1900s.

Louis Rhead was the primary artist of the group, and one of his specialties was incredibly detailed stylized depictions of nature, used to illustrate works on fishing, hunting and gardening. His animal and flower depictions are extraordinary examples of the adaptation of natural motifs to decorative applications. As an introduction to Rhead’s work, which will be featured more prominently in some forthcoming packages, we’ve put together a mini-package of a set of 9 of Rhead’s extraordinary floral borders, featuring stylized sunflowers, roses, morning glories and other flowers in high resolution perfect for use in book or web design.

The mini-package can be ordered online and downloaded immediately for just $10. Just go directly to our ONLINE STORE.


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