Live Free – A Free Font

livefreemfAs a general rule we don’t like to mix business with politics, but in this unique election season when it offers us the opportunity to make a free font available, we blur the lines a little.

We recently undertook to design a unique logo font for the transpartisan outreach wing of the Gary Johnson presidential campaign. They needed something bold and unique and suitable for use on buttons, signs and bumper stickers with some unique characters appropriate for a Libertarian campaign trying to appeal to Republican and Democrat voters.

The result is our Live Free font, named after Johnson’s original campaign slogan. It features bold and unusual looking upper case characters, plus numbers and punctuation and special characters to replace the Os with political party symbols.  Best of all it is free so you can design your own graphics supporting the campaign.

You can download the font for free HERE. To purchase campaign merchandise designed with the font, go to LIBERTY UNCHAINED and if you don’t like Trump or Hillary and want to vote for someone sane and reasonable, go to the CAMPAIGN WEBSITE and make a donation.


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