Licensing Fonts for Embedding

While most of our business remains selling fonts for use in publication and graphic design, a growing market for stylish fonts is in the production of sophisticated digital applications for computers and increasingly for other platforms like console games and even smartphones. Fonts for use in these applications are usually embedded, either as part of a Flash animation or application or in bitmap format in the code of the program. This allows the program to access the fonts to make any custom text required by the program without ever installing the font on the end user’s computer.

Embedding means that the font is resident in the program rather than in the user’s operating system, so it’s available to anyone who buys the product but they can only use it with that product and not for any other purpose. Commercially it’s a concept which is somewhere between a traditional font purchase by a single end user and a business licensing a font for redistribution to multiple users as an enhancement to a product. We keep our single font prices very reasonable when selling to consumers and we charge competitive prices for multiuser and redistribution licenses — though those package deals for the resale of tens of thousands of fonts can add up to a fairly high total.

Embedding is different, because the ways that the multiple copies of the font can be used are strictly limited, so we’ve decided to price fonts for embedding pretty reasonably. There are some pricing variables dependent on the sophistication of the application and the particular font chosen, but embedding one of our top tier fonts in an application for a hand held device like an iPhone is typically less than $300 and we offer discounts for older fonts and for packages of multiple fonts purchased together. Prices to embed a font in an application for a more advanced platform are slightly higher. We also do custom modifications and custom foreign language adaptations for many fonts for embedding.

As interest in embedded fonts has grown, certain fonts which are on the line between text and title fonts have been particularly popular. Standouts among them include Folkard, Scurlock, Buccaneer and Windlass.

If you have a project for which you need to license a font to embed, our selection is large enough to fill any requirement.  Browse through our fonts and feel free to contact us directly for a price quote.

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