Font/Image Licenses

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people seem not to entirely understand the idea of purchasing fonts or images with a license, and I suspect they find the idea intimidating. It’s not surprising, since it’s a bit different from purchasing a toaster or a book, and not something most people do every day.

To help clear up this confusion we’ve rewritten our full EULA (end user license agreement) to include not only the legalistic text of the license itself, but also colored sections which clarify and explain in some detail typical acceptable and unacceptable uses under the license to answer user questions in advance.

The basic idea of a license ought to be easy to understand. While we retain copyright and ownership of our fonts and images, when you buy them we give you a license which includes permission to use those images and fonts within certain parameters defined in the license. Some users get confused because of a superficial similarity with renting something and conclude that this means that there are additional secondary fees, but our licenses are based on a one-time payment and as long as you remain within the terms of the license there are no additional charges. So you pay for the license and as long as you have it you can use the item you bought in the ways it allows.

For example, with a font you CAN:

Create text and titles in a publication.
Design logos or business stationery.
Use in posters or merchandise packaging.
Make on-screen titles in movie, video or game production.
Design graphics for publication, online viewing or display in a program interface

But you CANNOT:

Embed a font in a computer or console game or other software.
Resell or redistribut the font to secondary users.
Use the font in the creation of a secondary form of reproduction like rubber stamps, letter stickers or transfer media.

And with an image you CAN:

Use for illustrations in a publication or media presentation.
Use for designing logos or business stationery.
Inclusion as part of an original work of art like a collage.
Use for personal reference or display by the end user.

But you CANNOT:

Resell the image in digital format.
Use the image in publishing prints, postcards or calendars.
Use ithe image to create a secondary form of reproduction like rubber stamps, stickers or transfer media.

The idea of all of this is to make our products useful to you, while also retaining their value to us and to other users. The license protects our rights, but also protects you by clearly defining what you can do with our products and including in those terms the vast majority of typical uses. If the license doesn’t cover the use you have in mind, we may have a special license to cover that use and you should contact us to discuss it.

And also be aware of this important provision in the EULA which exists to protect us and you: “Because this is a software purchase and the product is available for immediate download, the merchandise is non-returnable and we cannot provide a refund, credit or exchange. We will make every effort to make sure you receive your purchase in a timely manner and will provide a reasonable number of replacement attempts if there are delivery problems.”

So when you’re placing an order and the screen asks you to sign off on the license, I hope that the new version of the license, with the explanatory sections will help remove any ambiguity and answer any questions.



Born in 1968, Peter Nevins has been striving, since then, to make elegant but unpretentious works of all kinds.

His posters and paintings play off of one another, bringing a fine art element to the one, and a strong design element to the other, respectively.

All of Peter’s fonts were developed using pen and ink and honed over time before being commited to the digital format.

His current favorite color is olive green and his favorite animal is his sweetheart, Tara.

Our collection of fonts from Peter Nevins includes three original designs: Nevins Hand, Nevins Avant and Exotique. All three show an Art Nouveau influence. Nevins Hand is a rough, hand-drawn printing style with block serifs and an Art Nouveau or Arts and Crafts shape to the characters. Nevins Avant is in the tradition of Art Nouveau sans-serif poster lettering. Exotique is the most unusual of the fonts, with a truly unique look, reminiscent of the lettering of Alphons Mucha, but with a more sinister attitude.

All of our new Nevins fonts are available singly at a special introductory price of $15 each, or as part of a complete package with all three fonts for $39. You can order by phone from 1-800-797-8973 or you can purchase the single fonts or the whole package online and get quick email delivery. Just CLICK HERE

David Nalle is the founder of The Scriptorium and is our lead designer of original fonts and adapter of historical source material. Dave got his start in calligraphy when he was a child, studying old manuscripts and duplicating the lettering he liked. In college he paid expenses by lettering bizarre things, including signs for fraternity parties and even pledge paddles.

In 1991 Dave started designing fonts based on his own hand lettering from old magazine titles, hand lettered signs and maps. Since then he has produced scores of completely original fonts, plus a huge selection of fonts based on historic type and unique hand lettering, creating the backbone of the Scriptorium collection.

Dave now lives in Manor Texas with his wife Patricia, his daughter Caroline, two dogs, a cat, a goose and four ducks. He enjoys swimming, disc golf and tennis and teaches the occasional college history course as well.

Our collection of deisgner fonts from Dave Nalle includes three original designs: Ironworks, Ligeia and Zothique. All three fit in the category of whimsical freehand decorative lettering. Ironworks is designed to have the look of rought iron. Ligeia has a wicked, witchy look. Zothique is an extreme and quirky italic lettering style.

Each of these original Dave Nalle fonts is available singly at a special price of $15 each, or as part of a complete package with all three fonts for $39. You can order by phone from 1-800-797-8973 or you can purchase the single fonts or the whole package online and get quick email delivery. Just CLICK HERE

Nevins Hand is being offered as a featured demo font to try out for yourself. Click here to download the working trial version of Nevins Hand for either WINDOWS or MacOS